A Collection Of Personal Development Sites

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Over on Get Rich Slowly they have posted up a collection of recommended personal development sites, several of which I haven’t come across before, which is always a good thing.

Personally,  I try to keep the number of blogs I monitor at anyone time fairly small - but keeping a bigger stock to check when I have more time then usual is handy. But my picks right now are probably not all that suprising:

  • LifeHacker

    One of the most comprehensive blogs for getting the most out of your life with a healthy variety of content to satisfy my craving for some more random entries every now and again.

  • 43Folders

    Another great blog which I constantly refer people to when they want to get a head start on their GTD systems, as the overview they have over there condenses both a good introduction and good lead points for more discovery.

And a couple that are missing that I read regularly:

  • Positive Sharing

    A blog for an in development book that focuses on the concept of seeking happiness at work, an often forgotten ideal which takes a refreshing new angle over the usual attention to simply being more productive and efficient.

  • D * I * Y Planner

    Since I favour paper based planners over digital, then the supply of various templates for printing your own stock for various purposes comes in handy, and the blog keeps up with plenty of articles on general productivity and ideas for new ways to organize your life and planner.